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UPDATED: 10 Year Vision and Goals

Goals are dynamic and change because you are human, and you change. When you’re in a state of growth, goals are updated every 3-6 months. I last did my goals in October 2019, and it was time to flesh them out again. Check out my previous goals here. Note how the vision shifts along with the goals.

Vision for 2029

I am hiking the Blue Lake trail in the North Cascades in Washington with Chris, our 9-year-old, and Coco, who is energetic and strong. Carson is with us, and he and a friend have raced ahead to jump into the lake. The sky is a clear blue, the temperature is perfect — crisp, with a hint of warmth. I feel strong and happy. Chris and I look at each other over our daughter’s head and smile as we feel the rocks under our feet and breathe in the fresh, mountain air. We are carrying delicious sandwiches, snacks and chocolate for a treat at the top. My parents are down with my niece in California, visiting and catching up with my sister. My phone is off; I know my team is taking care of whatever has come up for the business while we are out in Mazama at our vacation home, and I’ll catch up with them the next day. Chris is running a small start-up as its CEO, and is loving the challenge of growing a small company. My company is making multiple seven-figures a year, as I lead people through energy work around the world via online courses and in person as an in-demand speaker.

I feel content, connected and full of gratitude for the family and life we have created. I am excited for some new work projects, and also love having time to reconnect with nature, one of my values and priorities. I am contemplating what my next book will be, whether it is my coaching in a motivational book or if it’s time for a memoir on the intersection of my growth as a leader, my love of movement, and my roots growing up Chinese-American in the Midwest.

I feel healthy and energized. I share the work I do on a global scale. I continue to tithe income every year to charities I am passionate about. I cherish the life I have created, and my family comes first.




One Year

– Chris and I welcome a beautiful, healthy baby into our family by February 2020.

– Chris and I integrate my parents into our home in their own mother-in-law by February 2020.

Five Year

– I host a Tsong/Danielle family retreat at our home in Mazama by October 2021.

– We take one international and one nature-based vacation with Coco and our kids every year by September 2020.

10 Year

– We celebrate eight years of taking six weeks off annually on a family vacation by February 2028.

– I celebrate 10 years of annual weekends with my dearest friends by October 2028.


One Year

– I prioritize moving every day walking, doing yoga or lifting weights through pregnancy.

– I meditate 15 minutes daily and sleep 8 hours every night.

Five Year

– I adapt to new approaches to movement and love my body postpartum by March 2020.

– I hike with my baby twice a month through the summer by September 2020.

Ten Year

– I am healthy, confident and vital at the weight of 136 pounds.

– Our family has hiked mountains on three continents by February 2029.


One Year

– I make six figures leading online coaching courses, leading energy work and working with 1:1 clients.

– I have hired my first employee by February 2020 and created a business strategy that allows me 6 months off post-partum.

– I donate $5,000 to various charities and causes I cherish by February 2020 through tithing 5% of all income from new online courses I create.

Five Year

– My new book, 24 Ways to Move, sells 20,000 copies in its first year by September 2021.

– I have a team of 3 supporting my coaching business by February 2021.

10 Year

– I reach hundreds of thousands through online courses, my books, and with speaking engagements on leadership, energy work and faith by February 2029.

– Our family’s net worth is $20 million.

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