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“It’s some of the best money I’ve spent in a long time.” Miranda Bryant was being laid off from her job when she joined the course, and she felt overwhelmed about what was next. See how she recognized she could have a happy, fulfilling life and know her next steps with clarity.
Miranda Bryant
When Maria came to coaching, she felt so stuck she didn’t know how to move forward. Working with Nicole was the first time in a decade that she felt a real shift. In the span of a few months, she felt calmer and more centered, and also landed a new job. Check out her story below.
Maria Garcia-Cabale
When Tanya started coaching, she was struggling with health issues and stress around tests and bloodwork. As soon as she started coaching, she she saw changes, and soon began to experience ease and deeper trust in her daily life. Her children told her, “You’re a different person.” Watch to hear about results Tanya experienced through coaching.
Tanya Murphy
Gemima Barlow was reactive, stressed, and hard on herself and her family. She took on coaching and Your Clear Calling to help herself break these reactive patterns and to get clear on what was next for her career. After the course, she has been able to plan family trips with far more ease and flow, feel connected to herself, and come up with a clear set of goals that truly align with her purpose.
Gemima Barlow
“It’s the best investment.” When Janet Hart started 1:1 coaching, she was struggling with knowing her purpose. As soon as she started, she very clearly saw her next steps. Watch to hear her next chapter!
Janet Hart
When Rosemary Tanksley started coaching, she was struggling with her current job as a teacher and figuring out what to do next. Within 3 weeks of starting coaching, she had applied for and gotten a new job as a preschool teacher! Click below to find out more about Rosemary’s breakthroughs.
Rosemary Tanksley
Betty Morin was struggling with feeling peaceful on a daily basis, and also felt blocked around her dream to speak on stage. Joining Your Clear Calling gave her incredible breakthroughs, including becoming a bestselling author and celebrating her success! Watch to find out more.
Betty Morin
When Jessica Willis started coaching, she felt UNCLEAR about her next stage, which likely involved moving cities and a change in career. But she didn’t know how to get started. Find out what happened when she got the clarity she needed.
Jessica Willis
“I was the walking person who hesitates. Now, I go with my heart and listen to the messages.” Divya was struggling with her marriage and juggling career and family life with the pandemic when she first joined Your Clear Calling. It made her question her life and how she was leading it. Watch to find out how coaching made a major impact in her relationships.
Divya Krishnan

Monique Burton had been prioritizing everyone except herself, and as a result felt unclear about how to get to the next stage in her career and relationships. Through 1:1 coaching, Monique started to get results right away, including moving to a position she is excited about at work and making a difference in the world through diversity, equity and inclusion work.
Monique Burton
Director of Sports Medicine
Seattle Children’s Hospital

When Alauria Corbin joined Your Clear Calling, she had already worked with a career coach and still didn’t have clarity about what was next for her. By the end of the course, she had FOUND her purpose and is on track to making it come true.
Alauria Corbin
Elementary school teacher

Sydney Collins was struggling to figure out her next steps for her career when she stepped into 1:1 coaching and changed her trajectory.
Sydney Collins
Store Manager, Lululemon

Patra was struggling to figure out a career that made her happy when she signed up for Your Clear Calling. She also was skeptical that the course could make a difference. Her results came SOONER than she expected — and in a totally DIFFERENT arena of her life! Watch to find out more about the phenomenal results Patra experienced within the first week of joining.
Patra Hughes

Sarah was in a tough spot when she started doing coaching work.
She wasn’t her best person, she was angry, she was stressed, all of which caused her to lose her mojo!
Once she committed to coaching work, it was a turning point to listen to her intuition about quality of life, what she wanted to do next with career, family and where she lives. She got clear on her long-term vision for her life, including setting a goal about writing a book on leadership.
She was able to manage her stress more effectively and have a lighter approach to life — she’s able to make different and healthier decisions for herself.
Bonus! Once she set goals, other serendipitous things started to shift.
Sarah Castle

After finishing a masters degree, Dana Golden was struggling to figure out what she really wanted to do NEXT for her career. She joined Your Clear Calling to see if she could dial in exactly what her PURPOSE and PLACE was.
Watch to hear more of Dana’s story.
Dana Golden
Yoga teacher

When Deb Lennon started coaching, she was feeling blocked around her family relationships and career. After working with Nicole, she made huge shifts in feeling lighter and happier, and feeling clear and confident about moving forward.
I wanted to change the connections with my family; I wanted to be able to take them to a deeper level. I’ve gained tools that allow me to suspend judgement and listen more, conversations flow easier and I let myself be more present to what the content is, rather than feel that I’m not important or not loved. It has allowed me to be more loving to family and the calls and messages from them have increased and are so welcome.
Deb Lennon

When Sara Kelly decided to take on coaching, she was dealing with a lot of anxiety in her relationships and life. Through coaching, she saw a dramatic shift in how she handled uncertainty, which helped her be creative in how she handled losing work through the pandemic lockdown.
Hear how Sara made MORE money through the lockdown than she would have normally.
Sara Kelly
Caterer & Entrepreneur

Kaila was struggling with her job when she started working with Nicole. She knew she wanted a change, but wasn’t sure how she could make it happen. She also was hard on herself, and couldn’t figure out how to get past her inner critic.
Watch to find out more about how Kaila was able to release blocks and get a new job!
Kaila Turley

Mandy was in a transition when she started 1:1 coaching, struggling with her self-confidence and with clarity. She didn’t have goals or know what her purpose was. Through a month of coaching, she saw her life had so much possibility.
Mandy Wilhelm

Carol Krantz was struggling with work/life balance and finding time for herself while juggling an intense job.
Through 1:1 coaching, Carol was able to find lightness and prioritize herself again.
Carol Krantz

The lockdown from Covid-19 made Jen look deeper about what she wanted in her career.
She had always wanted to make a shift, and the pandemic revealed the things she wanted to work on. In working together 1:1, she felt a difference right away, letting go of perfectionism and taking more risks, articulating specific goals that were exciting for her and then taking steps to make them happen!
Jen McDermott

Sheena Jacobs was struggling with finding balance, between a full-time job, husband and toddler. Where she once didn’t know how to figure out what was next, she’s now clear on the next step for her in her medical field.
Sheena Jacobs

Chris works in public health, and she came to coaching to develop more precision in her speaking. What she got was a shift in listening to herself and learning to trust herself in decisions, including ending a relationship.
Through work with Nicole, she has learned to have fun, be light, and decisive in her growth! Watch to learn more about how coaching work with Nicole continues to support her life.
Chris Bachman

I was struggling with setting a new goal after achieving a series of important life goals. I needed clarity of purpose and renewed passion to pursue my dreams. I was feeling creatively blocked.
I learned valuable tools from the coaching, enabling me to stay in a positive vibration. The coaching also affirmed and clarified my existing morning routine. Moreover I learned a strategy for cultivating an abundance mindset. Aside from this, there was important coaching about boundaries, which I am still revisiting and working through. The key result was therefore gaining tools for better self management.
Nicole is wonderful to work with. She is very respectful and empathic, with remarkable insights. In a group situation she manages to include everyone. I find that something very substantial is achieved each time I receive coaching from Nicole, whether on a one to one or through her content.
Gwen Lewis

I was struggling with clarity and having a vision and goals, and not knowing how to set them. It took two weeks to see a difference.
Before working with Nicole, I would get into confrontations or arguments. If it’s someone I can’t help, I just walk away. Before I would try to reason with them or convince them. I stopped having a superhero mentality, and learned to take care of myself. If I don’t take care of myself, I’m no good to others. Boundaries manifest in all part of your life. I have boundaries now for guys online. I’m not going to let you be disrespectful or argue with you. In every aspect of life, coworkers or work for somebody or work for self, you have to have personal boundaries.
After our time together, I got clarity and greater boundaries. I’m always going to have someone I don’t work well with and our personalities don’t mesh, and that’s OK.
Keisha Green

I signed up for 1:1 coaching with Nicole for accountability, to add structure as well as tools for time and stress management. I wanted growth but didn’t have the tools/language to propel myself towards it.
I noticed an immediate shift in how I saw myself in the world and that I do in fact have a purpose here and now. After our first meeting I felt energized, supported, and uplifted all while being pushed to become my fullest self.
The biggest eye opener for me was just how simple it could all be. Seriously, every meeting left me feeling better than before. The feeling lasts, too! I began to feel more and more centered.
I can walk into situations I would’ve run from just months before, with ease.
Nicole makes it so easy, so tangible. She always supports you but never holds your hand. Some changes were instantaneous. Nicole makes interpersonal growth shockingly accessible and quick!!
Holly Jones

I chose to work with Nicole because I had trouble putting my dreams into words.
I knew I wanted to make some changes in my life. I knew that I wanted to live a purpose-driven and fulfilling life. I had a full life, but I wanted to be more serene about my choices – that they were my own.
As it turns out, my choices are both serene and exciting – who knew?
During my work with Nicole, the biggest shift I experienced was the power of truly owning my decisions. Before I knew things intellectually. What I learned was how to incorporate that knowledge into my daily life.
The biggest eye-opener for me was that other people were affected by my personal work. I really thought that I was being very inward-focused – I didn’t expect the changes I made to be noticed by others, especially in such a short time. But I didn’t even have to see or talk to people – they just seemed to sense a shift in me.
In working with Nicole, one tangible positive change that I recognized was my sense of serenity. Even during what were decidedly not peaceful interactions with others, I was at peace.
I cannot stress how powerful that is in living a purposeful life.
It’s a false question to ask me if I would recommend Nicole – because I already have!
From the first time I met Nicole during a workshop, I have been sharing her lessons and telling everyone I know that they should really do themselves a favor and talk with her! Not only my family and friends – I literally have shared this amazing resource with bus drivers, grocery store clerks, bank tellers – anyone I chat with for more than 5 minutes gets to hear about it.
Spending time with Nicole will enrich your life in ways you can’t even imagine!
Tari Eastman

Working with Nicole over the past 6 months has been such a blessing. As I was approaching my 34th birthday, I began to realize there were certain things which I felt I was behind the curve on, in my relationships, my career, and meeting financial goals I had previously set for myself.
I felt as though everyone around me was pushing forward and I was stuck in a rut.
I heard about Nicole through a co-worker and decided to give it a try. For the first time in my life, I was investing in MYSELF. With Nicole’s guidance and energy, I was able to set goals, talk about my experience and release things from my past which were holding me back from my future.
The energy I felt at the end of every session gave me the power to push forward, ask for a new job, and find love for the first time in years!
I feel more empowered going into my 35th year than I ever thought I would feel — and I have Nicole to thank for that. I continue to work with Nicole for the additional accountability and focus around the things which matter most — health, relationships and a strong sense of self.
Best investment I have ever made, in Nicole and also in me!
Ashley Eberenz

Before I started working with Nicole, I struggled with clarity — of my values, my goals, and my path forward (both career wise and personally as I adjust to my new role as a mom), and how to tap into my intuition. After our first 60-minute call, I really felt empowered to do the work.
I feel like the work Nicole leads you through is simultaneously life changing and simple. She’s not asking you to recreate the wheel, she’s asking you to get quiet and listen to yourself, which is great for someone like me who has a really difficult time hearing what my body is telling me.
Since our work together, I have deeper understanding of how to monitor and manage my thoughts. I’m now able to notice when I’m triggered by something and have concrete tools to get myself back on course.
I recommend Nicole with a resounding YES. It’s so easy to move through our lives choosing not to do the work, and we’re all full of really valid excuses – work, health, family, friends, health – aka adult life. But at the end of it all, we’re only going to get as far as we push ourselves to go. At the other end of this life I want to know I dreamed big, worked hard, and did everything I could to align my life with my values — and Nicole helps you take one giant leap in that direction.
Shanon McElroy

Before I started 1:1 sessions with Nicole, I was having a hard time moving forward from a relationship ending and anxiety surrounding the loss and the possibility of being part of a family.
Within four sessions, I felt less anxiety toward the loss. Now I don’t always look at my pup, who I had gotten with my ex, and get sad and anxious she doesn’t have her second closest human around. One of my favorites was the energy work with stress around my ex — I instantly felt lighter when that was done.
I jumped in by signing up with Nicole. She tailors each session to you. She’s very good at reading you and sensing your needs!
Nastaran Yazdi

I was feeling very unclear in what direction I wanted to go with my yoga career when I signed up for Radical Change Mastery.
I honestly started seeing changes within the first week. I set the catalyst ultimately for leaving and finding freedom in doing my own yoga work. I’m actually making way more teaching online than I would have if I had stayed with a studio. I had NO idea how stuck I was. It was so freeing and eye opening.
Now, I ask for what I want from people rather than defaulting to what they want, especially in my marriage. Huge!
Working with Nicole is worth the investment! Nicole is amazing and humble and so centered and grounded and has your back in a really loving yet “I’m going to hold your feet to the fire” kind of way. The way she listens to her own intuition is such an amazing example for how I want to listen and live my life. Nicole meets you where you are at and encourages you from that space. She is no bullshit, too, which I love. Working with her is drama free, fun and empowering.
Amy Andrews
Yoga teacher

I have always wanted to be partnered and married, but I have stood in my own way for a long time. Fear, a lack of self worth, ignorance and professional ambition all kept me from love. I really hoped that Radical Change Mastery would help me see clearly whether a previous partner could be the one to help me achieve my marital
My biggest eye-opened was the power that we each possess. There were so many examples shared through Nicole’s life about how she identified your dreams and achieved them and how she lives a happy life. A lot of the time, I don’t feel that powerful. I feel like I’m along for the ride when it comes to emotions and
During RCM, I identified the things I want in life and I believe that they are possible with a conviction that I didn’t have before. I want a loving marriage. I want a house on the water. I want a family. I want to trust myself more deeply to know when I have these things.
Nicole’s a special person. Being in her presence is the real gift. Her own life is the most powerful affirmation that what she teaches works to help people achieve a greater sense of happiness and control over their lives.
Katie Garrow

Before coaching with Nicole, I struggled to see the bigger picture that is my life, I was going through the motions wondering what I was working so hard for. I was tired and often unfulfilled.
I gained clarity for what’s most important to me, setting goals, and actually executing those goals rather than just thinking about them. I have more space with my husband, alleviating some unnecessary tension and creating space for love and kindness.
If you are ready for the work, I recommend Nicole 100%! The level of effort you invest is the level of change you’ll see in yourself.
Stephanie Darcy

When I first started working with Nicole, I struggled on moving forward with my goals.
Since taking Radical Change Mastery, I am working on a long-term goal to become a public speaker. My new goals are to be able to quit my current 9-5 job and begin working for the personal development company full-time teaching these personal development courses (both video online and in-person trainings). I recently joined a yoga studio and have begun attending sessions 7 days a week!
All of this is possible because since I have worked with Nicole. I have been able to set new goals. She helped me reshape my thinking and form new habits. If I struggle sometimes, I go back to the many tools she gave me to use, and it always helps me to refocus.
I love Nicole’s energy, she is a great listener who nudges you to come to your own conclusions. I would encourage anyone who wants to push through their barriers and start making radical changes in their life to work with Nicole.
Christine Mast Kivett

I registered for Nicole’s YCC course because I felt stuck in my career for a while.
I used to be so career-driven and very motivated about my work. I had wondered what’s wrong with me?
After taking YCC, I’ve started to see an emotional shift. I cleared a few road BLOCKS in my life and refined the PURPOSE of my life. My learning cohort made this course even more INSPIRING.
Nicole is always responsive, warm, and willing to listen. Coming out of the course, I find my A-HA MOMENT — I realize my personal values have CHANGED. My top priorities now are no longer just about the job; my family means the most to me now. I got my SENSE of DIRECTION back. And I even transfer to the job position that suits me the most at this stage of my life. 🙂 Thank you, Nicole!
Hannah Chen