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Two Questions to Complete 2018

What picture do you want to have in your mind from 2018?

I often ask others the question about getting a picture to leap ahead to the future. When you do goal-setting with me, we do a visualization 5 or 10 years ahead. Once you can see the future you and your future life, you can then reverse-engineer back to the present. (If you want to see an example of long-term vision work, check out my 10 year vision and goals.)

You also can use shorter visualizations to take a look at your year. I did a visualization recently to January 1, 2019 with my teacher Susanne Conrad to look more closely at the end of 2018, and saw what I needed to release and complete to finish the year. In the process, I realized all I needed to acknowledge myself for as well. They include:

– Moving my parents to Seattle

– Following my calling and launching my coaching business.

– Integrating family and work by bringing Chris and two of our kids to a training.

– Sharing about the loss of my baby, Hectorina. I am still brimming over with gratitude hearing from so many people and knowing it was what they needed to read.

I also realized I needed to be kind to myself about some of the challenges I have faced and beliefs I needed to release, including:

– The statement: “Money doesn’t matter.” Because you know what? It does! This belief was blocking me from staying aligned with my husband Chris on big steps ahead for our family. I have been visualizing wealth and abundance every day; in one, I raise my paddle for $5,000 at the annual fundraiser for Yoga Behind Bars, a nonprofit dear to my heart, to make the abundance real.

– “Trying” to get pregnant. It’s been a long journey, and one I know will result in the outcome I have in my vision. So instead of worrying about trying, I have been talking to my future baby and visualizing a healthy pregnancy.

If I have learned anything over the years, it is the importance of completion. Now is the the time to acknowledge all that has happened in 2018, to look at at all the ups and downs, to see what you have accomplished and learned.

Are you ready to complete 2018? Let’s do it.

When you look back at 2018:

Step 1. What can you acknowledge yourself? What did you accomplish? What are you proud of? What did you do that challenged you to new heights as a human?

Step 2. What do you need to be kind to yourself about? What can you forgive yourself for or allow yourself to learn from?

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