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The Power of Saying “Good Job”

A friend once told me my love language must be words of affirmation. “I always hear you affirming yourself,” she said. Which is funny, because I am totally a quality time person.

I know why she thinks that – I tell myself “Good Job.” A lot. Like, multiple times every day. Why? Because if I wait for people to tell me I’m doing something well — running my business, making dinner when I’m tired, walking Coco, sweeping the floor, dropping groceries for my parents — I could wait FOREVER. Instead, I tell myself. I told myself good job yesterday when I got gas. I told myself good job for planting dahlias. I told myself good job when last week was grueling, and I still prioritized myself. .

Why? Because I am the only one who knows all the things I did. The same is true of you. How many things have you done just today? Add to list — waking up, getting your kids ready, making coffee, brushing your hair (fingers 🤞🏽), squeezing in a walk, gratitude journal.

Bonus! The more I tell myself good job, the more I tell others the same. We all need to know we are doing a good job, and I love telling other people they are doing GREAT. Telling others good job has become one of my favorite things to do. So I will tell you! You are doing A GREAT JOB. You rule at staying at home. You crushed that deadline. You are an incredible parent. Don’t let anyone else, including yourself, tell you any different.

Ready to tell yourself good job? Pop in a 👏🏽 For yourself.

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