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The secret to overcoming imposter syndrome

I learned a long time ago that success doesn’t automatically equal self-worth.

You can look like the most successful person on the planet, and STILL not feel worthy.

In fact, so many successful people feel like imposters, even when they are the top of their game.

What do you do in that situation?

My next guest for School of Self-Worth, Kate Herrera Jenkins, had to overcome imposter syndrome to lead her nonprofit, Native Strength Revolution.

In the process, Jenkins led her nonprofit to new heights, including leading the Parade of Nations at the New York City marathon.

In this conversation, learn — 

  • How she leaned into the concept of surrender to start her nonprofit
  • How to trust your intuition when you don’t have the evidence that everything will work out
  • How Kate’s nonprofit, Native Strength, became a part of the NYC Marathon in a way bigger way beyond what she had imagined
  • What it requires to maintain your worthiness when you’re succeeding and how to combat impostor syndrome.
  • How she overcame her insecurity of being a leader of a Native organization and being biracial

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