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The one thing to stop doing every day so you feel rested

Who doesn’t want to feel more rested?

The reason to feel more rested — besides it being a glorious thing — is because if you don’t, you procrastinate. You worry about what other people think. You question your decisions. You poll people on what you’re doing.

When you’re not rested, you’re not able to run your life. You skip exercise. You stop drinking water. You eat sugar. It’s a snowball effect.

This is not about sleep.

This is about waking up so you have a mind settled and ready to go.

The one thing you need to stop doing so you feel more rested — it’s a device known as your phone, and more specifically, social media.

If your phone is your alarm, and you open up social media in bed — watch what happens. You start to scroll. All it takes is one thing. One person’s post, one comment, one direct message.

All of a sudden, you start to compare yourself to that person’s life, their number of followers. You start to feel pressure about how you use social media.

You feel not relaxed, not rested, not ready for the day.

I’m here to say get off social media.

Social media is a very powerful tool. I’m not saying social media is all bad.

How can you be intentional about it?

I want you to be able to choose when you use your devices. So you can feel rested in the morning.

Be rested so you are clear, you are rested, so you, my high-achieving women, can head into the day with clarity and ease.

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