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How to overcome procrastination for good

It’s me, Nicole.

Recovering procrastinator.

The secret you might not know is I was the worst procrastinator.

Then I arrived in journalism, the deadlines cured me of the habit. Mostly.

I still procrastinate sometimes.

But what I didn’t understand back then was thoughts were a MAJOR cause of the procrastination.

And not just any thoughts — the thoughts that made me feel like I could never be the type of person who was organized and on top of things.

Those thoughts constantly were the cause behind me putting off important things until the last minute.

So I was delighted to connect with Dr. Christine Li, procrastination coach, to learn about the method to actually ending procrastination for GOOD!

She came onto School of Self-Worth to share about her own journey to recover from procrastination, including insight into how ANYONE can move from procrastinator to action-taker.

This week on School of Self-Worth, learn How to Overcome Procrastination So You Recover Your Energy, including these tips:

  • The key step to recover from procrastination
  • The complex relationship between your feelings and procrastination
  • How to redefine your habits so you can find energy again
  • A surprising secret about what to do when you’re feeling drained and depleted.

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