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When you have a really hard day…

Do you ever have days when everything feels overwhelming and hard, and all you want to do is grab a bag of Cheetos and sit on the couch and Netflix the night away?

Of course you do.

So do I.

But my next question comes from an exact conversation I had this week with a high-achiever just like you.

When you have those days, and you skip dinner, head straight for the pantry, and plop down on the couch — do you do all of that with intention?

Whaddya mean, Nicole? How the heck do you Cheetos and Netflix with intention? 

You’re about to learn the difference and how boundaries have everything to do with what happens next.

It’s one thing to allow yourself one bad day. We all have ‘em, myself included.

But when you do it mindlessly, day after day, on total automatic pilot with no end in sight?

That’s you neglecting to set the most important boundary there is.

The boundary with yourself.

The one where you decide your wellbeing and happiness are more important than the crappy email you received at work, or your best employee gave notice at work, or your best friend can’t visit you like planned this summer after all.

It’s the moment you decide that you can allow yourself ONE night of Cheetos and Netflix.

And the day after that?

You decide to take a walk, eat a nourishing dinner, and go to bed early.

I see so many high-achieving women who believe that the circumstances are stopping them from having the boundaries and dream life that they want.

They believe the problem is the new project at work, or their kid’s sports schedule, or an upcoming work trip that they can’t change.

When the only thing getting in the way of you having time to do what you love and to feel connected to themselves is looking at you in the mirror. 

Boundaries are always an inside job.

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