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Want the antidote for high-achievers when it comes to perfectionism? Hint: it’s about self-love.

Do you want things to be perfect, all the time? Are you a perfectionist who can’t let any little thing slip?

If so, have you also noticed that when you get perfectionist, it leads to stress, judgement, and a million other things like doubt and worry to boot.When you’re being perfectionist, it’s difficult to relax! And to be grateful for the glorious things in your life.

Want the antidote to perfectionism?

Here it is — it’s time to develop a practice of loving yourself.

It’s time to learn that perfect, unconditional self-love is possible.

Want to know my favorite way to practice it? Psst — it’s not what you expect.

I’m a secret fan of BTS.

YES, I’m talking about the K-pop band, that is totally adorable. (Look at them.)

When I was first learning about them, I saw they had a tour called Love Yourself. I investigated to find out why, and learned that their own struggle to love themselves inspired the tour.

Let me educate you about BTS — they are the biggest band on the planet. They sell out 100,000 person arenas. They matched a 25-year record held by the Beatles.

But they were struggling with self-love. They started to investigate for themselves how they could love themselves the way their fans loved them.

What they were investigating is true for any of us.

Now it’s your turn.

Ready to hear my No. 1 secret for a self-love practice?

Listening to the song Love Yourself by BTS.

I listen to it when I’m walking my dog and need to feel connected and loved again.

Warning: it’s in Korean.

But try it out, give it a whirl. I may not understand what they’re saying, and I know there’s something profound in the tone of the song, the language, that what they’re saying is deep and powerful what they’re saying. I can feel that even when I don’t understand the words. can feel that in the resonance of the song.

Music is very powerful for shifting you. This song really makes a big difference.

You could go listen to BTS. It’s also coming up with whatever practice works for you to love yourself.

Go try something on that’s going to allow you to be in that practice of loving yourself. What’s it going to take to love yourself more?

Is it a song that reminds you there’s love out there.

Or is it looking around at people or beings? My dog has such perfect, unconditional love for me. When I’m around her, I know that’s how love feels. She just loves me, unconditionally. And family members and friends who love me as well.

Look at the reflection back at you of people who love you, or pets, or your kids. See yourself the way they see you.

How can you step into that image they mirror back to you? That’s how you start to make progress and relax to the next level you want to achieve.

I don’t know anyone who can get to the highest levels of success without starting to understand what it takes to love themselves.

Try it out. What can you do today to love yourself? Is it a song, a saying, a reminder? Share below!

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