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The secret boundary habits of aligned women

Do you sometimes feel like everyone else is aligned and clear about the boundaries they have around work? While you are frantic, scrambling to keep up, they somehow found a secret way to set those boundaries in the first place.

What are they doing RIGHT?

Because they don’t seem to be

….working 50+ hours per week.

….checking their messages after hours

….reading emails and drafting in their head what they’re going to say when they’re back online in the morning.

Like you’ve been.

  • They seem to be able to have time and space to get daily workouts in.
  • Eight hours of sleep seem to be an everyday occurrence.
  • They seem to be crushing their book-reading goals.

And you might be wondering.

Does everyone else except for me have access to some secret boundaries trick, and I missed the bus?

Here’s the thing.

Many overworked, professional women bounce around trying tactics that don’t stick, trying to replicate what they see other people doing, hoping that this next boundary will be the one that makes all the rest of them feel like super glue, as in the permanent, forever kind.

The truth about boundaries is they are like a plant, where you need the correct soil, temperature, light and water to nurture them so they can grow and thrive.

And women who want to stand in their power require powerful boundaries.

If you, like so many other overworked perfectionists, are wondering what it’s gonna take to put clear boundaries in place that feel perfectly aligned for YOUR life….

….. You’re in the right place.

I am teaching the EXACT strategies that aligned, clear women are using to work less and spend more time doing the things they love…

….. like taking a new dance class or going for a walk with a dear friend.

What you’ll learn is there is no one-size-fits-everyone method to boundaries.

Instead, you’ll learn you can master boundaries on your own terms.

By the end of the training, you’ll:

  • Stop hoping you’ll see the one trick that will work on Instagram.
  • Stop procrastinating on setting the boundaries that will make your daily life easier
  • Stop the work stress cycle on the weekends.
  • Get clear on the boundaries that work best for YOUR life.

boundarieschallengebannersquareSo am I right to think you want more time, energy, and freedom in your life? Then you’re gonna want to check out the 3-part training, Transforming Your Relationship with Work Boundaries (without feeling guilty or selfish.)

We kick things off on May 11!

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