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The Last Ten Years — Who has been important to you? (1 of 3)

Did you see Frozen 2?
I’m going to say this without spoiling it but dang, it was good.
If not, go see it!

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I’ll reveal one thing. No spoilers!

In order to see your future, you have to uncover your past.
How can you, like Elsa, do the work to dig into the past to clear the way for 2020? How do you uncover your Secret Dream instead of wasting your time on other life distractions? How do you find your next step forward?
You start by looking back. You start with identifying the people who have been most important to you. You start by acknowledging how much it has taken to get you to today.
Why does it matter? Because before I knew myself…

I had Leah.
I had Kathy.
I had Rich.
I had Michel.
I had Kate.
I had Susanne.
They are people who saw my future before I did. They believed in me and my potential when I didn’t have the tenacity or the clarity to do it for myself. They knew my secret dreams before I understood for myself what that dream looked like.
They offered me yoga jobs. A fitness column. Book contracts. A vision of a future life.
When I look back over the past decade, I remember how they saw me. I remember how they knew what I was capable of, and wanted to ensure I lived up what I already had in me.
Looking back, I’m blown away at how much more they saw for me than I saw for myself. And I am so grateful they stood up for me when I couldn’t stand up for myself.
Without them, I would not be who I am today. Without them, I would not have the career that I do, the love, the faith in my own ability.
With their vision intact and and the foundation for who I am now, I can head into 2020 with clarity.

Are you ready to identify the important people in your life? Watch below.

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