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See Nicole’s Goals: My 10-Year Vision

You can find out a lot about someone through their vision and goals. It’s the place where you put your soul out for folks to see. I have been doing goal work for a very long time, and I still get a little nervous about sharing it. And, I know that it has helped me so many times to see other people’s goals, so here they are!

Vision for 2028

I am at a dining table in our home in Seattle, holding a hot cup of coffee. Our 9-year-old daughter is playing in the yard with friends. Carson is 18, and is upstairs in his room. Our daughters are in college, and text to check in about plans the next time they are home. Coco snoozes out on the deck with my mom, who is drinking coffee and watching her granddaughter play. I can see my dad through the window of their mother-in-law, catching up on the news on TV.

Chris and I chat about when we will head out to our vacation home in Mazama, and also weigh where and when our next sunny vacation will be. I feel content, connected and full of gratitude for the family and life we have created. Chris is in a career he loves at a smaller company where he leads and makes a big impact on the business; he loves his job. I check in with my Maple Path team about our latest launch, preparing to travel to lead workshops sharing the energy tools of Geotran, and trade emails with my editor about my latest book, a memoir on the intersection of movement, energy and Chinese-American identity.

I feel strong, healthy and vibrant. I share the work I do on a global scale. I continue to tithe income every year to charities I am passionate about. I cherish the life I have created, and my family comes first.




One Year

– Chris and I welcome a beautiful, healthy baby into our family by November 2019.

– Chris and I integrate my parents into our home in their own mother-in-law by December 2019.

Five Year

– I host a Tsong/Danielle family retreat at our home in Mazama by October 2021.

– We take one international and one nature-based vacation with Coco and our kids every year by September 2020.

10 Year

– We celebrate five years of taking one month off annually on a family vacation by October 2028.

– I celebrate 10 years of annual weekends with my dearest friends by October 2028.


One Year

– I compete in one Olympic weightlifting competition by June 2019.

– I meditate or practice yoga daily.

Five Year

– I adapt to new approaches to movement and love my body postpartum by January 2020.

– I hit a 50k PR in snatch and a 65k clean and jerk in Olympic weightlifting by December 2020.

Ten Year

– I am healthy, confident and vital at the weight of 136 pounds.

– Our family has hiked mountains on three continents by October 2028.


One Year – I make six figures teaching yoga, leading Geotran, speaking and writing my next book by December 2019.

– I lead the energy work of the Gems of Excellence I by December 2019.

Five Year

– My new book sells 10,000 copies in its first year by September 2021.

– I have a team of 3 supporting Maple Path Intensives and Coaching courses and workshops by September 2021.

10 Year

– I reach hundreds of thousands through Maple Path courses, my books, and with speaking engagements on leadership, energy work and faith by October 2028.

– Our family’s net worth is $20 million.

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