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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 30

Trade Hustle for Flow with Your Menstrual Cycle with Renae Fieck


Have you ever noticed you feel more productive during certain times of the month? Have you wondered why sometimes you can work out for two weeks and then fall off for seemingly no reason? 

Consider this — it might have NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with your menstrual cycle. 

Tune into this game-changing episode with Renae Fieck, Your Cycle Advantage’s founder, to learn how you can start aligning your productivity to your cycle.

Renae shares valuable insight on how connecting to your hormonal cycles can revolutionize your work and self-care. From embracing your natural ebb and flow, you also can connect to your cycle for intentional choices resulting in balance and success.

The host of the Cycle Advantage podcast, Renae is a mom of 3 and occupational therapist. She helps women optimize their time and energy through unlocking the power of their cycles so that they can be thriving high achievers. Through her method, she helps women balance the demands of life, make a bigger impact, and get bigger results without adding more stress or needing more time. She can be found at 

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