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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 10

Manifesting Twins and Financial Abundance with Sydney Ratukalou (YCC Alumni Series)

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In this episode, Nicole chats with Sydney, a Your Clear Calling (YCC) alumni, about the unorthodox journey she took to reach her goals, and the breakthroughs she experienced to generate a relationship of trust with herself and her intuition. 

Before YCC, Sydney was feeling stagnant in her life and her job. She had achieved the goals that she had set for herself 10 years prior and didn’t know what came next. YCC helped her get clear about her purpose and gave her the tools to pursue those goals. We get an intimate look at the personal and professional goals that Sydney has since achieved, and what comes next for her. 

Sydney Ratukalou (Ra-too-ka-low) is a full-time family manager, coach, and lifelong learner. Through Your Clear Calling and coaching with Nicole, she was able to identify her purpose, and she went on to certify in Lightyear Coaching and start her entrepreneurship journey in starting her own business.

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