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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 9

Finding Clarity and Purpose with Sarah Castle (YCC Alumni Series)


In this episode, Nicole chats with her former Your Clear Calling (YCC) student, Sarah Castle, about how Sarah transformed her life and moved from being an Amazon executive to becoming a college professor and launching her own business.

Before YCC, Sarah carried work home with her every day. She knew she needed to make a change, but didn’t know how to make the leap.

You’ll hear how Sarah decoupled her worth from her job in order to reallocate time to her family, friends, community, and things she loves to do. Hear about the unexpected benefit of incremental changes towards a goal…. even when the timing doesn’t feel right.

Sarah is the founder of Castle Coaching & Consulting, a firm focused on helping individuals and companies get clear on what they want, and then, going after it! Prior to starting her business, Sarah was an executive at Amazon, where she worked for 15 years. There she held a variety of roles in mergers & acquisitions, investment fund portfolio management, digital devices, Amazon Alexa voice technology, digital and print books, and human resources.

Through all of this experience, she honed in on her purpose – transforming organizations and elevating leaders. Now, she’s working in her purpose every day by being a coach, consultant, and speaker. Outside of her business, she lives a full life where she’s a mother, mentor, entrepreneurship professor, non-profit board member, published author, athlete, home cook, and an all-around badass!

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