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Give up your list of pros/cons

Are you an intuitive person? Do you tend to know what your body is telling you? Are you super-duper clear on the answers to tough, complex situations and never make a pro and con list?

Amazing. You can stop reading right now.

For the rest of us, discerning the difference between a NO and fear/doubt is tricky. How do you know if your body is telling you NOT to do something, or if you are in the fuzzy, shake-your-belly vibration of fear? How do you know if it’s a boundary, or if you are simply getting sweaty pits because you’re doing something scary as all get out?

No and fear like to dance together. They snuggle. They pretend they are the same.

They aren’t.

So, what is a smart, articulate, tuned-in human supposed to do about this intuition thing?


You practice knowing the difference.

You spend time getting clear on the small, indecisive moments, like if you want a black drip coffee or a chai latte.

You get to know what it feels like when you are anxious or stressed.

You get clear on what happens in your physical body when you are mega freaked out.

You check on when you feel the “ohmygod, am I doing the right thing?” tremor.

Then. Only then! You get clear on when you are actually a no.

Why does it matter?

Because then you’ll also be clear on when you are a YES. Understand this distinction, and life becomes simpler. You can stop thinking through every possibility. You can stop spinning out on the answer to every decision, from deciding what to eat for breakfast to whether you take a new job.

Wait, won’t I have more time if I’m not spinning out on every decision?

Indeed, you will.

Spend your energy on moving forward. Spend your time working toward your future. Spend your time on what matters, which, FYI, is not your pro and con list.

Btw, knowing the difference doesn’t erase being scared. You’ll still feel tons of scared, jittery, AND holy crapl Being human ain’t for the faint of heart.

And, you can be kind and loving to yourself as you walk down the path of following your intuition. You can take the baby steps forward.

You can stop making pro/con lists.

Are you ready to get clear on your intuition and have it guide you every day? Let’s chat. Book a discovery call today.

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