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Choose your word for 2020

Does the idea of choosing one word for the year feel overwhelming? Like, how can you possibly sum up an ENTIRE year in one word?

Seriously? You only get one?

I am a former reporter who grew up on brevity, and I, too, squirm whenever I pick one word for the year.

It feels limiting. Constraining. Restrictive.

Except that when you do it, it’s quite the opposite. I learned that choosing one single word makes an impact. It keeps me accountable, especially a few months down the road (oh, hey there, April), when I have forgotten all the other things I swore I would do fresh in the year.

But my word? I could remember my word.

When faced with unexpected challenge in life, my word became a life raft. I could cling to it, look at it, and rely on it when it feels like none of my goals are coming true the way I thought they would. (Goals rarely do.)

Picking a word for the year can be an act of discipline.

This year, I heard the call for my word — grace.

This word was handed down to me, I know, because I will need the reminder to remember grace every day. When I feel challenged or like the navigation of life is more than I can handle, I will turn to grace. When I strive for giant goals, I can fall back on grace. When other people think what I am doing is kind of crazy pants and out there (don’t worry, I know it is), I remember grace.

The winds of grace have my back. That I don’t have to do anything to merit grace. That I can ask for it, and it will appear.

Choose your word. Then remember your word is the beginning.

– It is the first step forward to moving into a life where you pursue your secret dreams.
– It’s how you stop taking steps backward into old patterns, like picking a job because it pays well instead of starting a business based on a side passion project.
– It’s the beginning of learning to make intentional choices for you based on your body and somatic clues so it is easy to jump when the steps to achieve your Secret Dream show up.

But you’re wondering that even if you can identify your secret dream, HOW on earth do you make it real?

Inside my 3-month course, Radical Change Mastery, I show you how to trust yourself, to release stress and anxiety and go for what you want. You’ll learn how to dance with the inevitable fear and then set a vision and goals so bright, you can’t believe this is your life.

We clear your blocks, get to the REAL you, and make your relationship with yourself the strongest one in your life. I show you how to navigate the hard stuff and create a life you truly are excited about every day.

Let’s make 2020 the year you hit goals harder than they hit you, become the person you know you’re meant to be and understand what it takes to get there, so you can live the life you say you want.
Ready to do this with me?

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