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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 36

Leaving Diet Culture Behind with Amy Lang


Have you spent years trying to accept what your body looks like, and try all the time to love yourself, but still secretly worry your body is not the right shape or size?

If so, you’ve likely had an encounter with diet culture.

What is diet culture? It’s the one out there that tells you that when you have lost weight and are skinnier/sexier, THEN you will be happy.

If you are ready to SHED this mentality, today’s episode is exactly what you need!

In this episode, Nicole speaks with master health coach, Amy Lang, about the impact of diet culture and how it diminishes your self worth. Known as the Habit Whisperer, Amy prioritizes habits to release guilt and shame connected with your appearance.

Amy Lang is a master health coach, certified personal trainer, and host of the Happy & Healthy with Amy podcast. Also known as the Habit Whisperer, she helps chronic dieters free themselves from diet culture, create deep health and rediscover joyful eating.

Join us as we unravel the secrets of a balanced lifestyle such as quality sleep, mindful movement, and stress management.

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