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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 35

Rewiring Your Inherent Self-Worth Around Your Family


Have you ever found yourself getting wound up for no reason around your mom or dad, and reverting back to a much younger version of yourself?

Or compared yourself to your highly accomplished cousin, and started questioning everything you’re doing with your life? 

Or let yourself get stressed out when your aunt or uncle asks you about your job and gets a quizzical look in their eye? 

What if I told you that the source of all of that doubt, worry and negative self-talk is negative disempowered programming?

And that you are missing the most important element required, which is to re-wire your self-worth so you can feel total ownership of your value, your inherent worth, and who you are, especially around your family? 

In this episode, Nicole shares three lessons she has learned about re-wiring self-worth around family — you are gonna want to keep this episode handy for the next few weeks! 

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