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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 17

How Hyper-Achieving Undermines Self-Worth with Dina Lobo


Dina was raised in a hyper-achieving culture that proved to be a sneaky saboteur her entire life. It wasn’t until she suddenly lost her best friend to a brain tumor that she realized she needed to start prioritizing herself and her mental health. Her heartbreaking loss kicked off a deep awakening of self-esteem and worthiness that led to a big focus on inner work to live a purposeful life. 


Pivoting careers while working to overcome childhood trauma as well as an isolated pregnancy during the pandemic, Dina found a new purpose in life to help others live their life meaningfully and colorfully. Tune into this episode to learn how Dina broke free from her childhood conditioning of being a hyper-achiever and leaned into self-love and her inner divinity. 


Are you ready to release your inner critic to step into a life filled with self-love and acceptance? Then this episode is for you. 


Dina Lobo is a global transformational coach, certified trauma specialist, and CEO of Transformational Spark Coaching. With a passion for prioritizing mental and emotional wellness in the workplace, Dina has revolutionized work environments for individuals and businesses alike. She has appeared as an expert on top media outlets such as NBC, FOX, CBS, and The List, and has shared her insights on leadership, unlocking fears, confidence, and healing through challenges on stages and virtual summits alongside renowned personalities. Through her work, Dina has become a trusted expert in the field of workplace wellness and is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations thrive.


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