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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 14

Getting on the Right Side of Your Intuition with Queen of the In-Between Annie Sanchez


As a sophomore in high school, Annie Sanchez was encouraged to drop out and get her GED by her guidance counselor. Instead, she graduated early and went on to travel the world and live a life full of rich experience that eventually led her to become the visionary CEO of Mariposa Strategies.

Tune in to follow along on Annie’s expansive and inspiring journey of the powerful impact of being parented by a mom who consistently centered her by teaching and reminding her of her worth and value, as well as her early battle with self-doubt and brain chatter, and how she eventually became own champion by listening to the intuitive whispers and unlearning old trauma and pain along the way. 

A seeker, a navigator of change, and a believer in possibility, Annie is Queen of the In Between.  Annie is on a mission to help people find possibility in the moments that matter most. She coaches sensitive, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs through big change as a strategic and emotional thought partner.

Annie Sanchez hosts the Courage, Culture & Clarity Podcast, is the creator of Clarity Pages, CEO of Mariposa Strategies, and Founder of the Women of Color Culture Club.

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