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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 12

The Energetic Difference Between Self-Worth + Selfish with Enneagram teacher Danielle Fanfair


Today’s episode features Danielle Fanfair, a pastor turned certified Enneagram trainer and Director of Integrated Well-Being. Danielle shares with Nicole her unique journey to finding her self-worth after overriding her intuition for years as a pastor. To do so, she made some radical changes to her life so she could deepen her understanding of self, while distinguishing the energetic differences between prioritizing self-worth and being selfish along the way. 


Wanna know exactly how to open life up to more opportunities? Danielle talks about how your personality type and joy brings you exactly that to live an expansive and abundant life. 


Danielle Fanfair is a writer, a teacher, and a Director of Integrated Well- Being. She guides high-functioning professionals through her curriculum, Confusion To Clarity: a journey of self-mastery, Empathy, and professional development. She engages in Science, wellness practices, behavioral psychology, and has mastered personality study. She teaches us to name, know, and leverage our unique superpowers.

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