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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 15

How to Stress-Proof Your Life with Susan Choi


Living in a constant state of stress? Susan Choi was that person, a management consultant who was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.

Physically forced to take a step back and reexamine her life in order to get to the root of her health issue, she took tiny steps that added up to massive change in her life and led to finding her self-worth and a new career.

Are you an emotionally sensitive professional who is prone to stress and anxiety? Tune in to learn more about ways you can prioritize your mental health in order to break free from these limitations. 

Susan Choi is an Empathic Executive Coach and Podcast Host of STRESSPROOF, a consistently ranked TOP 100 Podcast in Mental Health and Careers on Apple Podcast. She is the founder of the Stressproof Method™, a program that helps stressed-out and sensitive Leaders finally break free from emotional and mental limitations.

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