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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 7

Develop Your Internal Compass to Follow Your Purpose

Develop Your Internal Compass to Follow Your Purpose Episode 7

In this episode, Michelle Cassandra Johnson shares an intimate look at her journey with self-worth and the powerful impact that her mother had by teaching her that she was more than enough. Michelle’s mother gave an invaluable gift by nurturing her to be intentional with risks, teaching her to be ok with being imperfect, and to trust her voice and intuition. Nicole and Michelle talk about what it could look like to listen to your intuition when you’re unsure of your purpose, and the significance of signs and symbols in everyday life. 

Michelle C. Johnson is an author, spiritual teacher, social justice activist, intuitive healer, and Dismantling Racism educator. She approaches her life and work from a place of knowing we are, can, and must heal individually and collectively. As a dismantling racism educator, she has worked with large corporations, non-profits, and community groups, including the ACLU-WA, Duke University, Google, This American Life, Yoga Alliance, Lululemon, and many others.

Her newest book, “We Heal Together: Rituals and Practice for Building Community and Connection,” published by Shambhala Publications, explores the deep knowing and truth that we are interconnected; we belong to one another. “We Heal Together” offers rituals and practices meant to dream us into a new way of being to benefit the highest and fullest good. Michelle teaches workshops and immersions in organizations, and spiritual, yoga, and community spaces nationwide.

Michelle moves and leads from the heart, and healing and wholeness are central to how Michelle approaches all she does in the world. 

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