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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 48

Lessons from Solo Traveling with Adele Wang


If you’re curious to know exactly where your self-worth stands, you might think about taking a solo vacation.

Going on an adventure by yourself can turn into a test of how you are actually feeling about your self-worth.

It’s exactly what Adele Wang did after she lost her husband.

Her trip to Spain became a pivotal moment to reconnect with what she truly desired.

In this episode, Nicole talks with Adele about her solo trip and also shares about what it was like when she went on a solo vacation to Hawaii post-divorce…. and what it taught her about self-worth in relationship.

Join Nicole and Adele in an insightful discussion about how travel revealed more than they ever expected.

Adele is a premier mentor for professionals struggling with stress and craving lives of more purpose, meaning and connection. As a spiritual teacher and speaker on consciousness, she has helped hundreds of leaders around the world reduce anxiety and attract more fulfilling careers and relationships. She is the host of the “All Things Human” podcast and a frequent speaker on consciousness, business psychology and personal development. For more information, visit 

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