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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 33

5 ways to regulate your nervous system


Did you know you are NOT supposed to feel perpetually stressed? 

If you are, it’s likely because your nervous system is dysregulated.

Regulating your nervous is an essential way to start to connect your mind, body and spirit so you can feel grounded and calm throughout your entire day, including when your boss throws a last-minute project at you, or a team member calls in sick when you have a key meeting that’s about to take place. 

As the holiday season draws closer, you might feel extra challenged by family dynamics, travel, or a constant additional influx of alcohol and sugar.

In this episode, Nicole gives you five ways to regain control of, and regulate, your nervous system that will help you feel a deep sense of self-worth, remain emotionally calm and connected, and enable you to live a purposeful life.

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