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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 32

The Perils of the Self-Help Addiction Cycle with Adele Wang


Do you ever feel like there must be more to life than just chasing your next achievement? Do you feel as though your constant striving for self-improvement leaves you feeling disconnected and lonely? 

In this episode, Nicole and Adele Wang take a deep dive into the addiction of trying to fix yourself and the pressures faced by high achievers.

Through personal stories and experiences, Adele unveils the truth behind what personal growth actually equates to. And why the constant need to control and understand the reasons behind life situations hinders true growth and being.

Adele speaks openly and honestly as she shares her personal experiences of finding true embodiment, of understanding her own sensuality and being more alive. 

Adele is a premier mentor for professionals struggling with stress and craving lives of more purpose, meaning and connection. As a spiritual teacher and speaker on consciousness, she has helped hundreds of leaders around the world reduce anxiety and attract more fulfilling careers and relationships. She is the only wisdom teacher who combines the power of storytelling with mindset, embodiment and cutting-edge spiritual practices to help people create success at a time when there’s more change and uncertainty than ever. She is the host of the “All Things Human” podcast and a frequent speaker on consciousness, business psychology and personal development. For more information, visit 

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