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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 3

Step Into A More Powerful You with Susanne Conrad


In today’s intimate episode, Nicole and Susanne discuss the sticky details of navigating power and change, while balancing personal and professional lives. Susanne shares the challenges she navigated with writing her first book and becoming a first-time author, and all the different ways she pushed herself to keep moving forward.  Together, they talk about relationships, picking themselves back up after devastating heartbreaks, and moving forward to pursue the dreams that they knew they were worthy of. 

Susanne Conrad is the author of Get There Now, founder of Lightyear Leadership, the co-developer of Lululemon’s renowned leadership culture, and served as Director of Possibility at Lululemon from 2007-2017. She is one of the few global women leaders and entrepreneurs in the personal development and leadership space. Susanne has over 30 years of experience transforming tens of thousands of lives across the globe and revolutionizing culture at hundreds of organizations, including Toms, Kit and Ace, Earls Kitchen + Bar, and imagine1day. She also has served as a mentor and teacher to Nicole for a decade, and has seen Nicole through various stages of her life; stay tuned for the most intimate conversation yet.

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