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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 24

The Life and Death of an Ambitious Career with author Kristi Coulter, Part 1

episode 24

Have you ever struggled with feeling like an imposter at work and that no matter how many hours you put in, you don’t ever feel successful? 

If so, this episode is for you!

Today, Nicole talks to author Kristi Coulter about her new book, EXIT INTERVIEW: The Life and Death of My Ambitious Career, a memoir about her decade-long journey of lessons and challenges at Amazon. Kristi talks frankly about the brutal culture at this male-dominated company, and the tiny steps she took over many years to regain her self-worth and authenticity during her tenure. 

Tune in to learn more about how Kristi stopped suppressing her authentic self at work, the power of accepting failure with grace, and the transformative moments that led to her exit from Amazon. 

Kristi Coulter is the author of EXIT INTERVIEW: THE LIFE & DEATH OF MY AMBITIOUS CAREER (out 9.12.23)  and the memoir-in-essays NOTHING GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS, a finalist for the Washington State Book Award. Her work has also appeared in New York Magazine, The Paris Review, Glamour, Elle, and elsewhere. She lives in Seattle and Los Angeles and teaches writing at Hugo House. 

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