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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 16

Decolonize Your Life with Marla Teyolia


Have you felt you’ve lost touch with your culture and self-worth? Marla Teyolia shows us how those two things can often be intertwined. 

Inside this episode, discover how to overcome cultural conditioning in order to find JOY in what you do, own your worth in a totally different way, and tap into a limitless source of power without sacrificing who you are at your core. 

Marla Teyolia is a workplace strategist and holistic executive coach with over 20 years of leadership development and group facilitation experience. She is passionate about empowering individuals and teams to fully assess the ways they think, behave, and work, to make lasting impact in their personal and professional lives. Marla specializes in working with individuals who want to develop their executive presence while identifying and maintaining their authenticity and values. She is a seasoned leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, working diligently to support inclusive teams while facilitating understanding and healing across racial lines.

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