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Make tough work decisions in 10 minutes or less (without doubting it afterward)

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I am a lifelong, high-achiever, recovering perfectionist (Enneagram 1 over here 👋🏽).

Spending a decade in journalism didn’t help matters, where your literal job is to check every single line that you write and question if it’s accurate and true.

Fact-checking caused my anxiety to peak, staying up until midnight checking notes and pestering editors well past the time I was technically supposed to call in changes.

I thought leaving journalism behind would help with the perfectionism.

I’m sorry to say it did not.

The constant self-doubt I had messed something up traveled with me, just like that one moving box that goes with you from home to home and never gets opened….

….until I started taking steps to address it and uncover the subconscious beliefs that were blocking me.

Which is why I created this quick training, on the 3 Biggest Blocks Stopping You From Making Tough Decisions in 10 Minutes or Less.

It’s a taster of what you’ll learn in my mini-course, Develop Your Internal Compass, where you’ll learn the exact method to unlock your intuition, make work decisions in 10 minutes or less, and ELIMINATE the self-doubt.

Click below to watch! 


Doors to Develop Your Internal Compass are only open for two more days.

Inside, you’ll learn a proven method to unlocking your intuition and making the right decision every single time.

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