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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 57

The Anti Perfect System for a Balanced Body with Athena Concannon


Do you look at yourself in the mirror some days, and despite your best efforts to be positive, wish it looked different?

Well, today’s episode is for you!

Nicole talks to Athena Concannon, a fitness and nutrition coach, to start to untangle and shift your mindset from self-critical to celebration.

Athena shares her journey from fitness obsessed to supporting women over 35 focus on the small steps that will actually shift how they look and feel.

If you’re ready to release the perfectionism about your health, tune in to this episode!

Athena Concannon helps working moms over 35 feel strong in their bodies again, increase their energy, and lose fat using a whole-body, hormone-supportive approach that prioritizes intentional movement, empowered nutrition, and simple stress management.

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