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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 5

The Secret to Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Kate Herrera Jenkins

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In this episode, Nicole and Kate discuss impostor syndrome, which plagues even the most successful women. Kate shares how she moved through impostor syndrome to be where she is today, founding and running a non-profit and becoming a national leader. She speaks about overcoming her insecurity of being biracial and a leader of a Native organization and navigating those incorrect beliefs to be proud of exactly who she is. She also shares about overcoming the shame she carried from being a stripper in her 20s, owning and healing that part of her life, and ultimately turning that into a story that empowers and helps others. 

Kate is a member of the Pueblo of Cochiti (COACH- ih- TEA) and is the founder and director of Native Strength Revolution, a non-profit that equips a new generation of Indigenous healers through leadership training and yoga certification. Kate and her Indigenous team work with Indigenous communities and organizations to educate, elevate and uncover a new possibility of wellness for Indigenous people. She is also an active daughter and wife! Sweating is her ceremony- when not on her reservation, she loves weights, dancing, yoga, and running.

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