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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 19

How to Overcome Binge Eating with Kelly Lyons

episode 19

In this episode, Kelly Lyons shares with Nicole her powerful story of overcoming her struggles with diet obsession and binge eating.

It all started in high school when she embarked on her first diet. However, instead of finding success, she became increasingly food obsessed and felt out of control around food.

This pattern continued for over twelve years of her life, with Kelly constantly cycling between diets, feeling guilty, and then binging on food before starting again the next day. 

Everything changed when Kelly decided to stop dieting and heal her relationship with food. Through this journey, she was able to break free from binge eating and overeating, and finally reach a point where she could have a healthy relationship with food and regain control of her life. 

We delve into the troubling emotions that can drive disordered eating, the importance of self-compassion, and the transformative effects of practicing awareness during stressful moments that can be triggering. 

Have you found yourself reaching for food for comfort during a particularly stressful day? Get ready to gain a new perspective on self-worth and food freedom that will inspire and empower you. 

Kelly Lyons is a holistic health coach that has helped thousands of women stop binge eating, overeating & finally live a life being normal around food! Kelly spent over 12 years of her life struggling with disordered eating habits, food obsession and binge eating, and once she healed, she was able to make her mess her message and began to help others. 

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