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School of Self-Worth ~ Episode 17

How to Enter Your Soft Girl Era with Ebony Isis Booth


Overnight, Ebony Isis Booth became the guardian for her niece and nephew, giving up her artistic, free-spirited lifestyle.

It forced her to look within to break inherited cycles, and required her to go through a deep evolution from constant achieving to forgiveness and softness.

Tune in to this magical conversation to hear more about what it means for Ebony to be in her Soft Girl Era–filled with courage, compassion, allowance, and self-acceptance. 

If your inner-critic has been especially loud and vocal recently, this episode is for you. 

Ebony Isis Booth is a visionary, guide, caregiver, healer and storyteller dedicated to liberation, healing, equity, justice and joy. Ebony coaches cycle breaking baddies in new and emerging leadership positions to tap into the magic inside and thrive. She charts constellations of dope humans, curates cultural engagements, carries light in dark places, and loves her people because Black Girl Magic is praxis.  

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